Social Investment & Enterprise Development

Social Investment


Our business invested in seven local business forums employing over 160 people. They were given training, tools and certificates of compliance as telecommunications contractors.

Johannesburg South

Empowering women and safeguarding communities

We chose eight women in Southills to upskill. They were trained and are now qualified fibre optic splicing technicians who joined our workforce.
In 2019, we collaborated with the local community policing forum. We installed free camera points to protect the neighbourhood.

Empowering children

One of our most humbling initiatives was our investment towards school shoes for the disadvantaged learners in Soweto. We gave funding to two schools, namely the Isipho Primary School and Protea Glen Primary School.

Enterprise Development

Our employees are regularly upskilled to ensure our clients receive professional services. This year, our goal was to enrich our team leaders. We selected 32 team leaders and provided the necessary skills and
knowledge for them to start their own businesses. After successfully starting their businesses, they received education on how to run them and we also helped finance their vehicles and sponsored their tools.