Civil Construction Division

We are an industry leader in building telecommunications networks.

This division caters to our clients in the construction industry. It comprises three subdivisions, namely telecommunications infrastructure, electrical and water reticulation, and road construction.

Telecommunications infrastructure

iNi-Tec is an industry leader in building telecommunications networks. We are a vendor for most network operators, making us one of the most agnostic and diverse telecommunications partners.

Our telecommunications offering was recently expanded to include point of presence sites. These sites are built using best practice standards.

We completed 588 telecommunication infrastructure projects in 2019. We also built over 16 000 units in the build and transfer sector for several fibre network operators .

Electrical and water reticulation

As with residential estates, we can reticule office parks and commercial units and transfer this over to the appropriate network operator. Lead times are normally between four and eight weeks in commercial building. However, our internal wayleave department enables us to drastically reduce this time to two weeks.

Road construction

We have a skilled team of engineers and quality surveyors who enable us to give our clients a turnkey construction service.

iNi-Tec built roads as long as 8 kilometres for various power stations around South Africa.